Turning the Ordinary into Outstanding

It doesn’t matter whether you are renovating with the aim of selling your home or just want to do some work on your forever property, there are some features in the house that can easily be turned from the ordinary to the outstanding. It is easy to look at a home and think that there is nothing truly outstanding about it, even if you love the property – but you may be surprised at the ways you can change those ordinary features into something amazing.

Staircases as features

Open plan staircases were once seen as something of a pain, taking up space in the living room and dominating things. But with the development of a variety of staircases such as ultra-modern stainless steel staircase designs, it is possible to make the staircase an outstanding feature in the room. There are plenty of specialists around the country, like Elite Metalcraft in London, who create customised staircases for any room. Their stunning helical and spiral staircases, for example, can work in a variety of rooms, with the helical shape offering something slightly different to the more usual spiral staircase – both of which can be created in a range of materials, including wood, steel, glass or stone.

Glass in new ways

For a very modern look in a room, there are some novel ways to use glass as opposed to the traditional window or door systems. One example are glass floors – not for anyone who has a fear of heights, these floors allow you to see down into the house and are fantastic for balconies or terraces too. Another novel use for glass is in a glass bath – this creates the illusion that the water is magically held in place and will be a complete hit with the kids. The glass is also more than tough enough to withstand daily, practical use. Even glass walls offer a sense of space to a room, while being easily covered up to section the area if required.

Traditional fireplace features

Many homes still have a fireplace, whether functional or not, and using this to create a traditional feature in the space is an ideal way to make the room a little more unusual. Antique marble fireplaces have a quality to them that lasts the ages and looks the part in many period homes. You can obtain the best quality fireplaces from specialists like Westland Architectural Antiques to help you transform your space.

Beach fire pit garden

Fire pits are popular in gardens as they look great and bring practical heating benefits to the space. One way to take the fire pit idea a step further is to create a beach area with the fire pit as a focal point, making your back garden seem like a tiny slice of a Caribbean island. The area can be made using tiling to ensure the sand stays in place and seats formed as part of the construction to allow everyone to sit around the fire pit and enjoy the heat and flames. And the kids will love being able to build little sandcastles in their own garden!